Psytegrity, LLC is a psychology consulting practice with a 40+ year legacy of expertise conducting occupational, clinical, and forensic psychological evaluations and related services. Grounded in empirical evidence and best practices, Psytegrity’s team of highly specialized licensed psychologists utilize reliable and validated assessments and comprehensive structured interviews designed to thoroughly measure an examinee’s intellectual, behavioral, emotional, social and overall psychological functioning to support public safety agencies and organizations operating in high risk/mission critical industries with making informed and defensible determinations about an examinee’s suitability/fitness.

Industries served include:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Corrections
  • 911-Emergency Dispatch
  • Firefighting/EMT
  • Emergency Medical Services & Healthcare
  • Security & Paramilitary
  • Critical Infrastructure (Construction / Engineering / Utilities / Transportation)
  • Government Contracting: DoD, DoS, DHS (CONUS & OCONUS)
  • Clergy/Chaplains/Spiritual Leaders

    Psytegrity, LLC is a psychology practice you can trust!
    Contact us today at (407) 740-0033 or to discuss how we can support your agency or organization with selecting and maintaining a psychologically healthy workforce.